CHESS at Safe City in the Holly

CHESS (Challenging How Every Student Strategizes) was founded by one EastSider and one Crip. For us to host chess tables at an event where a lot of Blood Gang members resides, says a lot about the community. They stood together and we had a fun safe time.

Shout out to my man “Baby” (on the left in photo). He asked me before the game, “is this where this piece goes?” (referring to the bishop). I laughed and said yeah. He gave me every excuse to tighten my guard. We did not get to finish this game. Baby as he says, “I’m the baby in the family” has a story and has agreed to share with some of our participants.

This is our community sharing their stories to our youth. Real life stories. We show the students what it took for some Manual High School graduates to become lawyers, doctors, policemen/women, body builders, teachers, actors and etc. At the same time the students will also hear Life SNAP’s from active gang members, alcoholics, drug users, school drop outs and felons (no child molestors).

Community stories that move