MACM Mission

MACM Final Logo Transparent BackgroundOur mission is to build a just society by developing tenacious learners, compassionate leaders and ethically driven critical thinkers.

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One thought on “MACM Mission”

  1. Hello Philip, my name is Samir Paige and I’m with the 100 Men Who Cook. We’re a local non profit organization who raise funds for local non profits that focus on the development of youth in our communities. I read your for the family tree market and wanted to know if you would be interested in participating in our 1st annual harvest festival which will be next Saturday August 11th at City Park. We’re asking all organizations to come out and distribute information on what it is they do. I have a flier I can email you along with our purpose for having this harvest festival.

    To foster cohesiveness in our community by bringing together grassroots organizations with youth focused programming that creates a greater collective impact through true (meaningful) collaboration. The objectives are to increase the awareness of their existences, identify the overlap, interception points of interest, and the gaps that exist in programs and services offered in our community. The 100 Men Who Cook, Inc. prides itself on making powerful differences for the lives of underserved youth. We believe the Annual 100 Men Who Cook Harvest Festival will be the foundation for connecting community resources, educating our children on preparing and eating healthy foods as well as give back to their communities through advocative, service and linking them to the supportive resources.

    We seek to form community-based partnerships with organizations, whose mission is to teach children how to grow and prepare healthy foods as well as promotes the value of “the harvest”. Additionally, family focused organizations, health services and voter registration will be asked to participate.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me. I can be reached at or 1-800-998-5984×105

    Thank you,

    Samir Paige
    100 Men Who Cook
    Event Chair

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